Battlezone 2 Mods, Patches, Utilities & Tutorials

This is where to find patches, mods, add-ons, utilities, cracks, useful map editing tools + more for Battlezone II Combat Commander

Battlezone 2 Game Updates
1.3 Update - The very latest version of Battlezone II found here: (Recently updated 1-11-2014) Download
1.2 Update - Most people do not play this version and not needed to upgrade to the latest Battlezone. Download
BZ2 Hyper SFX - BZ2 Hyper Sound Effects (To disable, rename hyper... folder in addon folder). Download
Battlezone 2 - v1.3 Mods  
VSR - Vet Strat Recycler Variant - Greatly improves BZ2 strategy & includes the 1.3 strat map pack. Download
BIG List of Battlezone Mods (Not all but many like: ZE, Epic, Fleshstorm, FE, G66, QF, Uler ...) Download
Battlezone 2 - v1.2 Mods  
Forgotten Enemies (FE) - (1.2 only) Forgotten Enemies. Single player & multiplayer BZ2 mod. Download
FE Map Pack - Forgotten Enemies map pack install. Download
BZERC - (1.2 only) Handy to modify ingame settings. Download
SOF Patch - (1.2 only) Stack Over Flow Patch (prevents SOF when switching maps). Download
Battlezone 2 Utilities  
No CD Crack - BZII no cd (play an audio cd whilst playing the game). Download
NewKeys92700 - Customizable keys for in game chat. Download
BZ II Lobby - Create a chat utility for up to 14 players in a window. Download
FE editing suite - New editor interface for FE (thanks to TimeVirus - R.I.P. brother). Download
Battlezone 2 Map Creation Guides  
BZ II Map editor document - Learn how to use the Map editor in BZII. Download
BZ II Editor addon - Upgrade your BZII Editor (thanks to Black Rooks). Download
IX Editor Tutorial - Useful Map Editing Tutorial. Download
Pandi editor tutorial - Useful Map Editing Tutorial. Download
Pool colour tutorial - Personalise your pool colour. Download